Amplified Internal Digital Antenna – SHD-3000

Internal Antenna Amplified 4 in 1 UHF / VHF / DIGITAL / HDTV – SHD-3000

Internal amplified antenna  4 in 1 UHF / VHF / DIGITAL / HDTV Sinal Antenas SHD-3000 with elegant design and easy installation it allows reception with clear images, and sound with quality, it is compatible with all brands of HD, 3D, 4K TVs and converters.

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  • Suitable for reception of analogue and digital channels in regions with signal code, accompanying amplifier source that enhances signal reception.
  • Receives signal in VHF, UHF, Digital HDTV
  • Compatible with all brands of TVs and converters
  • Easy installation


01 Internal Antenna

01 Technical Manual

01 AC / DC adapter


The product must be installed next to the TV or integrated converter.

Additional information

NCM 85291019
Movements Antena Interna - Sinal Antenas
Color Preto
Install location Ambiente Interno
Warranty 06 meses
Material Plástico ABS
Peso 0,210 Kg
Frequency VHF: 87,5~230 MHz, UHF: 470~862 MHz
Impedance 75 OHMS
Gain 30 dBl
Use Ambientes Internos / Sacadas

Logistic Data

Caixa Unitária

Medidas (CxLxA) 177 x 67 x 208 mm (C x L x A) - Peso: 0,27kg cm
EAN bar code 789668911395-6

Caixa Master

Medidas (CxLxA) 370 x 215 x 225 mm (C x L x A) - Peso: 2,02 kg cm
Quantidade 6
ITF bar code 7896689113956-8


Manual not available

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