External Digital Antenna – SHD-8000K

External Digital Antenna 4 in 1 VHF, FM, UHF and HDTV – SHD-8000K

The SHD-8000K antenna is designed for digital signal reception, long range and high gain. It comes pre-mounted, and ready to receive signals on the Digital frequency. Perfect for large centers.

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  • Meets the entire Digital, UHF and HDTV frequency range.
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Pre-assembled


1 Ext. UHF / HDTV Antenna

1 set of attachments

1 Mast with fixing bracket

1 Coaxial cable 10mts + 2 “F” connectors

Installation guide


Make sure that the installation surface is strong enough for safe installation.

It is advisable to have the installation done by a professional.

Additional Information

NCM 85291019
Movements External Digital Antenna
Color Natural Aluminum / ABS: Lead Gray
Install location Slab / Roof / Wall
Warranty 12 Months
Material Aluminum / ABS
Peso 0,928 Kg
Frequency 470-890 MHz
Channels 14-83
Number of Elements 14
Impedance 75 Ohms
Gain 6 + - 1 dBi

Logistic Data

Individual Package

Size (LxWxH) 315 x 290 x 80mm (C x L x A) - 2,7 lbs cm
GTIN 13 barcode 7896689115004

Master Package

Size (LxWxH) 800 x 320 x 310 mm (C x L x A) cm
Quantity 20 units
GTIN 14 barcode 17896689113557
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