Screen cleaner kit – ALT0.2

KIT screen cleaner for TVs, Monitors, Notebooks, Tablets and smartphones- Brasforma ALT0.2

The clean kit from Brasforma screens is ideal for cleaning TVs, Monitors, Notebooks, Tablets and Phones, thus eliminating any dirt also removes the static charge that attracts dust on equipment. It contains 60ml Spray and anti flannel risk.

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• Quickly eliminates any dirt and keeps clean longer
• Remove the static energy of the equipment that attracts dust

Package contents

• 1 Spray 60ml
• 1 Flannel


• Spray the product on the cloth and never directly on the screen

Additional information

NCM 29094411
EAN bar code 7896689111617
ITF bar code 78966891116170
Color White
Warranty 03 years


Manual not available